A "Must See" World Heritage Site

  • Naples in deep!
    Discover the uniqueness of Naples...

  • Pizza making tour
    learn the secrets from the masters...

  • Pompeii, the story stopped...
    a glimpse of the ancient Roman life...

  • Caserta Royal Palace
    spectacular example of 18° century Italian architecture

Get in touch with us! We offer Amalfi tours with driver to drive you in the best scenarios in Amalfi area and surrounds, including Pompei, Naples and gastronomic tours!

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If you are dreaming to breath the real atmosphere of Amalfi Coast and surrounds, if you would like to have a personal chauffeur at your disposal driving you in a friendly way the most wonderful places around, look no further!
Amalfi Daily Tours is what you really need to be driven to discover the most enchanting places of the Amalfi coast, but also to discover the many local specialties (like pizza, fish plates, mozzarella and so on...) and typical Amalfi customs and traditions.
No matter ig you are a single person, a couple or a group (small, medium or large is the same to us..): we specialize in Amalfi tours with driver and we can arrange exactly the Amalfi tour you are dreaming about, tailoring the service on your real needs! But also we can offer you a lot of other pleasant experienced, offering you tours in other amazing places like Sorrento, positano, Pompei, as well as gastronomic (like Pizza making, wine tastinìg and so on...) that will create momories for the years to come!


My name is Sergio Sticco, and I can be your friendly personal chauffeur to discover Amalfi area and other...
Our company specialize in Amalfi tours with driver, but not only... We can show you the most beautiful places of the Amalfi coast! We are perfectly familiar with any single corner of these amazing side of Italy, and we will show you not only the wonderful coast and the sea of Amalfi, but also local traditions.
Thirty (30) years in Business, proud to show the wonderful land where I was born and where I live, friendly by nature... I love my job, I am always happy to provide my customers the best possible experience, in the hope they will never forget their stay in Amalfi Coast! This is me, in short, and I put my face here... You can trust me!
We aim to provide you the best Amalfi tours experience, planning together any single moment to spend in these lovely places. We will show each corner in Amalfi Coast but not only, because we can drive you to other amazing destinations like Sorrento, Positano, Pompey, Caserta, as well as gastronomic tours to taste the well know local specialties, like pizza, mozzarella, fish foods and more!

Main daily tours we offer in Amalfi and surrounds

  • Amalfi

    Amalfi is the oldest maritime republic in Italy, the symbol of Amalfi Coast, and a point of outstanding beauty, nestled between sea and mountains ...

  • Positano

    A marvelous small town that slips from the mountain into the sea like a colourful waterfall, famous all over the world for its breathtaking scenery and its dark blue sea

  • Sorrento

    This little city is famous for it's incredible dark rock terraces facing the dark blue sea, from where you can admire breathtaking landscapes

  • Pompei

    Pompeii is famous all over the world because it is the unique "snapshot" of an existing city of the Roman era, fixed to a 79 D.C morning, and perfectly preserved...

  • Ercolano

    Così come Pompei, Ercolano fotografa una mattina del 79 D.C, mostrando i resti della città molto ben conservati con case, strade e persone...

  • Caserta Royal Palace

    The Royal Palace of Caserta was designed in 1700 by Luigi Vanvitelli, it is absolutely well preserved, and it have been included in the World Heritage List in 1997...

  • Pizza making tour

    We will take you where the best pizza dishes are made to let you see and learn the "secret" regarding this simple but incredibly tasting speciality...

  • Wine tasting

    We can give you the opportunity to take a walk through the special wineyards where famous wines are produced (like Lacrima Christi or wine of Vesuvius...) and to taste them directly from the producers...

  • Best restaurants

    In the Amalfi and Naples area there are many great places to eat tasty dishes you will never eat elsewhere, but we have special connections with the best ones..

  • Airport transfers

    We can provide airport transfers for any kind of customers, from singles to large groups, saving you from queues and public means of transportation

  • Port transfers

    If you arrive in Naples with a cruise, or you have to leave from Naples port, we can help arranging any transfer you may need... Just call us!

  • Train station transfers

    We can transfer you to/from the main train station in Naples saving you time and worries about traffic, as the train station is located in a center area...

Amalfi One Day Tours

Enjoy Amalfi daily tours at the best!

We have a long experience organizing Amalfi tours with driver, and if you want to plan an unforgeable journey we can help! We aim to create lasting memories for our customers...

Pizza Making Tour

Learn the secrets to make a real Naples Pizza!

You can eat pizza everywhere in the world, but you will experience the REAL pizza taste only here, in our area! Would you learn the secret to prepare an amazing pizza once back at home? Book our tour, and you will!

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